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Beautiful collection of new songs from gifted writers sung with energy and excitement.

Song Titles:

Be Saved

Forever King

Just A Little While

The Way In The Wilderness

Not If But When

When They All Get Together

Go Ask Moses

God Has Provided

The Hem Of His Garment

Good Enough For Me


Released in January, 2019.



The Mark Trammell Quartet is excited to release their first “main line” project in almost two years with “God Has Provided.” With new, high-energy songs, this project brings the solid sound of this beloved group to listeners of all ages. Led by Southern Gospel Music Association Hall of Fame inductee baritone Mark Trammell, today’s quartet also includes tenor Blake Buffin, lead Nick Trammell, bass Randy Byrd and pianist Trevor Conkle.

One song that Mark Trammell says he loves was written by Dianne Wilkinson and Scotty Inman, titled “The Hem Of His Garment.” Mark says, “I love that song. Just the story in the song will captivate you. If you know anything about the Lord, you know anything about that woman with the issue of blood and the reality that all she did was touch the hem of His garment and everything changed. The thing that blows my mind about that story is how many people brushed up against Jesus that day that were not looking for Him, didn’t care that He existed, went right past Him, and they brushed the holy hem of His garment. God in the flesh. And it did not affect them at all. But that lady who was reaching and searching knew what she was looking for and Who she was looking for and if she could just touch ‘The Hem Of His Garment,’ she’d be made whole. That’s the faith she had and it happened. This song just gets me. It’s one of those, it just reaches out there and touches me.”

Other songs on the recording include “Be Saved” by Nick Trammell and Rodney Griffin, “The Way In The Wilderness,” “Good Enough For Me,” and the song from which the project draws its title, “God Has Provided Himself A Lamb.” Join the Mark Trammell Quartet as they present this album filled with talent and music that “God Has Provided.”

(Review by Springside)