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Mark Lowry & Kevin Williams / Sit Up Straight & Sing, Volume 2 (2 Disc) CD

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A unique dual disc project - Volume 2 in the Sit Up Straight & Sing collection.

During the initial shutdowns of 2020, Mark Lowry took to social media. Nearly every day, he streamed a live ‘Check In’ video to chat with viewers and sing a few hymns together. Those ‘Check In’ videos became a welcomed light for those struggling, giving a daily reminder of God’s goodness and love nestled in the lyrics of those beloved songs. In time, Mark reached out to his good friend Kevin Williams to provide some guitar accompaniment for these live streams. Kevin’s stripped down, acoustic guitar paired beautifully with these simple, but powerful songs and created the perfect opportunity for those at home to sing along. This unique collection was birthed from those daily Check Ins - one disc with these timeless hymns played by Kevin, and one with Mark’s rich baritone vocals inviting you to sing along. So come on in, grab your glass of decaf unsweet tea, sit up straight and SING!

1. Jesus Hold My Hand
2. Unclouded Day
3. Oh I Want To See Him
4. In The Sweet By and By
5. Jesus Loves Me
6. The Lily of the Valley
7. This World Is Not My Home
8. Give Me Oil In My Lamp
9. Power In The Blood
10. What A Friend We Have In Jesus
11. Joy Unspeakable
12. I Feel Like Traveling On

Release Date: June 21, 2022