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The Taylors / Love Is The Voice CD

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Love Is The Voice marks The Taylors’ first release in two years and features the North Carolina-based group delivering a musical collection that includes all four siblings for the first time in eight years. 

This recording affords The Taylors yet another opportunity to work with multi-award winning producer, Wayne Haun, who always seems to bring songs that offer encouragement and inspiration to the album. Additional songwriters whose compositions are included in the nine-song recording include Scotty Inman, Lee Black, Chris Binion, Dave Clark and Karen Peck Gooch, just to name a few. 

For a season, The Taylors, Jonathan, Chris, Leslie and Suzanne (Hise), have limited their travel to be with their young families. However, their music is connecting with concert goers throughout the country and across the globe via radio and streaming. This is just one reason why they place great emphasis on their song choices. These songs, coupled with what producer Wayne Haun calls “smooth, silky sounds,” make The Taylors a perennial fan favorite. “The Taylors choose heartfelt material and consistently offer the most comforting sounds; you know, the ones that you could sit and listen to all day. Nothing beats a family blend, and these four have such tight harmonies that you often can’t tell who is singing which part. They truly become one unit – one voice.”

Track List:

God, Do It Again

Love Is The Voice

What I Know

I’m Loving You More Every Day

Only Passing Through

Break Me Back To You

Look What He’s Done For Me

Proclaim The Name (Jesus, Jesus)

Better Land

Release Date: June 3, 2022