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This long-awaited Bowling Family album is filled with tunes that will touch your heart and encourage your spirit.

Song Titles:

We Are The People

I Could Tell You Stories

Everything You Need Is In The Blood

Lay It Down

The People That God Gives You

Behold The Lamb

Raise Our Praise

Always Enough

How Faithful You Are

Just Another River


Released in 2020.


BOWLING FAMILY - Love The People

The Bowling Family's long-awaited album, "Love The People," features their unique blend on great new songs. Mike and Kelly Bowling, along with their oldest daughter, Hope, continue to thrill audiences with their powerful family blend. This studio recording, almost five years in the making, brings that dynamic sound to powerful, engaging music for all audiences while focusing on a message of love.

The monumentally-popular song "The People That God Gives You" helps provide the title to the album. Mike Bowling says, "This message in this song, it’s sad. We’ve all had to say goodbye to our friends and loved ones, and it’s very hard and the pain is real to have to go through that. So when we sing this song, you see tears flowing. But on the other hand, the song encourages us to love our family and friends and spend time with them and cherish every moment that we have with them that God has let us have with them. Because one day, He’ll want them back. We never know how long we’ve got with them, so it challenges us to love more."

As the Bowling Family writes on the album's liner notes, "We think the Lord has given us the opportunity to record a plethora of songs that reflect our hearts, and our mission. It's all about love.... We purposefully decided that this album, the first studio album in nearly five years, would reflect our season, our moment-by-moment decision to walk in love." Join the Bowling Family as they sing to audiences everywhere and "Love The People."

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