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The Chuck Wagon Gang sings the songs of Marty Stuart.  Enjoy the musical tradition of the oldest mixed Gospel recording group still performing with ties to its original founder on this recording of Gospel songs written and produced by Marty Stuart.

Song Titles:

Shout It From The Rock of Ages

Rest A Little While


His Love Will Lead Us On

Meeting in Heaven

Pray The Power Down

Lord Lead Me On

A Friend In Need


The Gospel Plow



Release Date: October 21, 2014.


CHUCK WAGON GANG - Meeting In Heaven

This long awaited CD from the Chuck Wagon Gang, nearly two years in the making, is clearly worth the wait. The Chuck Wagon Gang, the oldest mixed Southern Gospel recording group with ties to its original founder, has an enduring heritage of excellence in Southern Gospel music. The current group consists of alto singer Shaye Smith (also the group's owner and manager), tenor Stan Hill, soprano Julie Hudson and bass Jeremy Stephens, who also emcees for the group on stage.

All eleven songs on "Meeting In Heaven" were specially written by Marty Stuart specifically for this Chuck Wagon Gang recording. Stuart, who was also executive producer for the album, is a multi- award-winning singer, songwriter, instrumentalist and much, much more. He is widely known in the Country and Country-Gospel genres. "I've always thought that Country music had a really unique relationship with Gospel music," he said. This is not the first time that the Chuck Wagon Gang has compiled an album with songs drawn from a single writer. Stan Hill of the group noted that the Gang has previously recorded full albums from writers such as Mosie Lister and Albert E. Brumley.

The Chuck Wagon Gang says the recording was done in the spirit of "Dad" Carter, who instructed them to "Sing the old songs, and sing them the way I taught you." The group remains committed to preserving the integrity of its great legacy by continuing the simple style that Dad Carter established over seventy-five years ago when the original group began in 1936. One way in which the group captured their distinctive sound on this recording was to stand around a single microphone backed by a single guitar. Jeremy Stephens of the group says, "When you're all standing as a unit around one microphone there's a life to the music that you can't get any other way. It's a really powerful way to record."

The Chuck Wagon Gang has been performing songs from "Meeting In Heaven" at their concerts and say that the response for them has been great. Join the Chuck Wagon Gang as they perform great Gospel songs from the pen of Marty Stuart on "Meeting In Heaven."

(Adapted from Provided Information)