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As their fulltime touring comes to a close, this 54th McKameys’ project brings anointed messages of faithfulness and the power of the Gospel.

Song Titles:

We All Need A Savior

You Must Be Born Again

Cleanse Me

Go Back and Pray

The Holy Spirit


Don’t Forget

The Crown

God Is Good

From Dust To Glory


Release Date: May 31, 2019.


MCKAMEYS - The Crown

With the most number one hits in Southern Gospel history, a dedicated following and a faithful message for the masses, The McKameys’ great music and unwavering dedication to the Lord have stood the test of time. Now, as they announce that they will no longer be touring full-time after this fall, we can look at back at how the McKameys have brought their anointed message of faithfulness and the power of the Gospel to the world. With “The Crown,” they deliver that timeless message once again.

The album begins with the sweet four-part harmonies of “We All Need A Savior.” Featuring the lead vocals of Sheryl Farris, this song tells of accepting Jesus as your Savior and finding answers to life’s troubles. The Crown continues with several songs that evoke the spirit of hymns sung from church pews. From the inspired writing of Rebecca Peck and John Robinson, “You Must Be Born Again” features the group's matriarch Peg McKamey Bean and beckons the sinner to repent.

The album brings moments of stillness with emotional ballads. Featuring Peg, “The Holy Spirit Prayed,” tells of the Holy Spirit stepping in when the words for prayer can’t be found. With a smooth lead from Elijah Fortner, “God Is Good” is also emotionally stirring in its simplicity of just one voice and a piano.

The Crown closes with “From Dust To Glory,” the album’s first radio single that tells a story of life after death and a man whose purpose was rebuilt by God. Written by Sheryl Farris, it sings, “From dust to glory, a purpose revealed. Transformed by His power; Oh, to be just like Him. An unbelievable story and yet it’s so real. From dust to glory, another promise fulfilled.”

“From the mountain sounds of ‘Go Back And Pray’ to the classic sounds of ‘You Must Be Born Again’; with ‘From Dust To Glory,’ the story of every Christian, to the reminder that ‘God Is Good,’ and all the songs in between... God has surely put His touch on this project and we are grateful,” the McKameys say. “We are very excited about our 54th project, entitled ‘The Crown.’ God has blessed us with great songs in the past, and this project is no exception.”

(Adapted from Provided Materials)