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Recorded live at Trinity Baptist Church, hear the Primitive Quartet at their best, as well as special guests Archie Watkins & Smoky Mountain Reunion.

Song Titles:

Jesus Came Searching
It's Hard To Stumble On Your Knees
Ye Must Be Born Again
The Only Fire I'll Ever Feel
Thank You For Saving Me
He Will Set Your Fields On Fire
I Am Going There
Empty Me Lord
When He Beckons Me Home
Just Look How He Found Me
He Included Me
Silver And Gold
Must I Go And Empty Handed
Bound For That City
Where We'll Never Grow Old
Heaven's Bright Shore
When I Get Home
My Hope Is In The Blood
The Walls Came Tumbling Down (Joshua)
I Want To Stroll Over Heaven

Released in 2013.

PRIMITIVE QUARTET - 40th Anniversary Live

After forty years of ministry, the unique sound of the Primitive Quartet lives on as these live concert recordings celebrate four decades of good, Christian, down-home music. Started in 1973 as two sets of brothers, the Primitive Quartet is well-known and loved for their traditional mountain shape-note style singing. This DVD, recorded at Trinity Baptist Church in Asheville, North Carolina, feature Reagan Riddle, Norman Wilson, Randy Fox, Jeff Tolbert, Larry Riddle and Michael Riddle. It captures the great live experience, immortalizing this anniversary celebration.

Almost all of the songs on the recording feature the accompaniment of acoustic instruments including the mandolin, banjo, fiddle, guitars and acoustic bass. The group's prowess with the strings is nowhere more apparent than on the instrumental "He Will Set Your Fields On Fire." The classic picking on the song is fast, smooth and constantly impressive.

The recordings also feature special guest Archie Watkins and Smoky Mountain Reunion. Reagan Riddle of the Primitive Quartet notes that, "They're traveling as the Archie Watkins and Smokey Mountain Reunion, but that's the old Inspirations that we traveled with ... We've done things together down through the years but we've never got it on DVD."

Primitive Quartet's stated goal on their website is "to see saints blessed and encouraged to have a closer walk with God and to help lead souls to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ." Celebrating four decades singing and playing instruments in pursuit of this goal, "40th Anniversary Live" is a great selection of music that applauds this milestone for Primitive Quartet.

(Review by Andrew Heil)