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The Ark Encounter’s resident Gospel trio will touch your heart with this selection of meaningful new songs.

Song Titles:

Burden Lifter

We’ll Need No Light In That City

Three Beating Hearts

The Message Of The Cross


Great Is They Faithfulness

He Saw Me

In An Instant

For God So Loved Me

He’s Coming Back


Released in 2020.



Steve Hess & Southern Salvation, resident artists at the Ark Encounter in Williamstown, Kentucky, are proud to release their newest album, "Three Beating Hearts." The group of Steve Hess, John McCall and Matt Randell bring ten songs of faith with timely messages for today.

The group's current single from this album is "Foundation,"a song about how we see the world. Steve Hess says, "One of the thrills of being the resident artist at the Ark Encounter, aside from singing daily, is the great teaching we hear from Ken Hamm and other great speakers. Ken teaches that we have a God worldview or a secular worldview. As believers with a God worldview, we know that God is God and His word is infallible. The word of God is our foundation. It's the rock that we build our lives upon. Unfortunately, men, society, and cultures are turning away from the foundation of God's word. That's why it's so important for believers to know God's word and equip ourselves, especially at this time."

The title track, "Three Beating Hearts," speaks candidly about abortion. Steve Hess says, "The 'Three Beating Hearts' represent a young mother that is expecting and considering abortion as a solution, a father that is praying to God that He will touch her heart and change her mind, and an unborn child that wants to live." John McCall says, "This song is touching people all over this country. You know, we hear all the time how someone is so blessed and so thankful we sang the song during this time in our country." Join Steve Hess & Southern Salvation for their latest recording, "Three Beating Hearts."

(Adapted from Provided Materials)