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About Us


Since 1986, Springside Marketing has been America's leading mailorder source for Southern Gospel music — recordings, videos, songbooks, accompaniment tracks and books — from all major record companies, all major artists. For people throughout North America and even around the world, we have become, as our trademark slogan says, "Your Source For Southern Gospel."®

Springside Marketing was created in response to an inquiry Paul Heil's syndicated The Gospel Greats radio program was constantly receiving: "Where can I get the music you play on the air?" Few Christian bookstores maintained a good stock of Southern Gospel music, except from, perhaps, a few top groups. And regular "record shops" had few if any current Southern Gospel recordings. (What they had was usually old.)

So, Paul and his wife, Shelia, decided to do something about it, forming Springside Marketing to provide Southern Gospel recordings by mail.

Springside's first effort was the sale of "Harmony" recordings — LPs and cassettes — created as a fundraiser by the Southern Gospel Music Guild, of which Paul was a founding member (and later served as president for nine years). Thousands of these compilations were quickly sold by mail and through a special radio offer.

Soon, a small catalog of various current recordings and other items was created and mailed to folks who had written to The Gospel Greats program over the years. This catalog rapidly expanded to include recordings from all of the charting Southern Gospel artists.

Springside quickly became known by Southern Gospel music lovers for having current recordings (including videos) from all of the major artists, from all of the major labels, plus accompaniment tracks, songbooks, other Southern Gospel music-related books, and more. Springside often even carries recordings from well-known artists who, for one reason or another, don't have general distribution on specific recordings that we carry. This makes Springside a one-stop source for many otherwise hard-to-get recordings.

Today, Springside has many thousands of regular customers around the world. Our full-color catalog, published and mailed several times each year, is the largest such catalog exclusively covering all major charting Southern Gospel artists.

In the fall of 2005, Springside Marketing added online ordering capabilities, bringing a new level of convenience to our long-time customers and to the many new customers who are now finding us on the web. With its extensive catalog, the transition to online ordering was a long one and the decision was made early on not to do it until it could be done "right" — producing a site that is eminently user-friendly with easy searching and checkout.

To make it easy for customers to reach us, our long-time phone number — 1-800-38-MUSIC — can also be used as our website address — But most people simply use our address.

Let us be "Your Source For Southern Gospel,"® too!