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One Of Southern Gospel’s finest quartets standing for truth in song.

Song Titles:

I’m Traveling On

What You’re Going to Do

One Step At a Time

Claim The Promises

Let it Be The Cross

Dig A Well

Take A Stand

Somebody Somewhere

They Never Were The Same Again

To Save My Life

The Hand Of The Lord

You’ve Already Forgotten

Faith Works


Release Date: October 11, 2019.



On their new album “Take A Stand,” The Carolina Boys Quartet sings about the power of unshakable faith. When darkness and fear set in, a steadfast belief in what scripture tells us God will do is all we need to keep moving forward. From the highest tenor note to the lowest bass note and everything in between, The Carolina Boys Quartet, featuring bass Stephen Jewell, baritone Toby Fricks, lead Chuck Lowe and tenor Mark Wyatt, seeks to use the gifts and talents God has blessed them with for His glory.

“Take A Stand” begins with “I’m Traveling On,” a true to the tradition Southern Gospel quartet song about not letting worldly temptations distract you along the path to heaven. It’s followed by “What You’re Going To Do,” which encourages praising God while waiting for Him to act in His timing because the promise of help is certain. The title track, “Take A Stand,” encourages us to hold our ground in the promises of Christ, where we’ll be safe and secure through struggles and trials. “Let It Be The Cross,” “They Never Were The Same,” and “To Save My Life,” tell of the lasting legacy of Christ’s time on Earth. With moving music, these songs inspire reverence and worship.

The Carolina Boys Quartet shares more songs about following God’s guiding hand through life on “The Hand of the Lord,” “One Step At A Time,” and “Claim the Promises,” all reiterating that faith is the most important resource we have throughout life. Other tracks include, “Dig A Well,” about finding renewal for the spirit; “Somebody Somewhere,” about being a witness for Christ and bringing others to His word; and “You’ve Already Forgotten,” about God’s unending mercy. The album closes with “Faith Works,” a musically stripped down production with only piano and keys supporting the vocals reminding us that by just having belief alone, we’ll be saved by grace.

“We are celebrating 10 years of ministry this year, and have been blessed to be with Crossroads from the very beginning,” says Chuck Lowe, The Carolina Boys Quartet’s lead singer. “We believe this new project is our best yet, with powerful songs written by some of the best writers in the business.” Join The Carolina Boys Quartet for their newest album as they “Take A Stand.”

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