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The Chuck Wagon Gang, known for their four-part harmony vocals and signature guitar accompaniment, sing the Gospel songs of the Carter Family.

Song Titles:

When Our Lord Shall Come Again

Am I A Soldier Of The Cross

The Meeting In The Air

The Heart That Was Broken For Me

Honey In The Rock

There’s No Depression In Heaven

The Old Gospel Ship

On The Rock Where Moses Stood

Anchored In Love Devine

There’s a Hill Lone and Gray

Somebody’s Boy

The Bible In The Cabin


Release Date: August 30, 2019.


Chuck Wagon Gang - No Depression In Heaven

American roots music has a deep tradition of singing songs from the heart. The legacies of two of roots music's most noted families, who have long carried on this American tradition, intertwine on a special project from The Chuck Wagon Gang. Today in its third generation, the group has decided to honor The Carter Family's storied career with their album, “No Depression In Heaven: The Gospel Songs Of The Carter Family.”

“When we started thinking about this project of honoring The Carter Family's Gospel music, we wanted it to be special and we wanted it to be done right,” says Shaye Smith, the group's alto singer and a direct descendant of the original members. Smith says they carefully selected songs from The Carter Family's catalog that would fit with the Chuck Wagon Gang's well-known style of four-part harmony vocals and their signature guitar accompaniment. By doing so, they added yet another dimension of tribute to the Carter Family that's sure to please connoisseurs of the legendary group's history, who will easily hear echoes of the second generation Carter Family sound, created by Mother Maybelle with daughters Helen, Anita and June, and at one time even incorporated the guitar of Chet Atkins. The result is an even richer tribute to the Carter Family's entire generation-spanning legacy.

With elegant simplicity, the Chuck Wagon Gang honors Maybelle, A.P. and Sara Carter on songs like “The Honey In The Rock,” “The Old Gospel Ship” and “On The Rock Where Moses Stood.” The album's first Gospel single, “The Meeting In The Air,” describes the glorious day we'll be called to Heaven, where doubters and skeptics will be missing. The title track, “There's No Depression In Heaven,” encompasses the theme of recognizing the human condition and life's struggles and how faith and God's word can carry people through the darkest days with the promise of Heaven. The album closes with “The Bible In The Cabin,” a song about how a family Bible becomes precious over the many years it is used.

“It has truly been an honor for us to be part of bringing this remarkable tribute of the First Family of Country Music to fruition,” says Smith. “In true Chuck Wagon Gang style, we believe these songs will minister to your heart as the Gang's music has done for over 80 years.” Since 1936, hope, harmony, faith and family have been at the center of the Chuck Wagon Gang's music. Join them once again with “No Depression In Heaven: The Gospel Songs Of The Carter Family.”

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