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Chuck Wagon Gang / Radio Days CD

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In a tip of the hat to their roots, the Gang have regularly devoted a portion of their performance to recreating the golden era of their radio days — and now, as their performance schedule begins to pick up anew, the group has finally brought the popular segment into the studio. The result is Radio Days, a collection that expands the vintage experience into a full-length recording, bookended by a handful of new recordings that serve the Chuck Wagon Gang as well on today’s radio as the renewed songs did for them in days gone by.

Track List:

1. Two Gardens

2. The Record Book

3. WBAP Announcer (Dialogue)

4. Bewley Mills Jingle #1 (Dialogue) 

5. Holy Be Thy Great Name 

6. Stormy Waters 

7. Somebody Called My Name 

8. Bewley Mills Flour Commercial #1 (Dialogue) 

9. WBAP Announcer, Chuck Wagon Gang's Next Song (Dialogue) 

10. Take Me Back To Col-ler-rad-da Fer To Stay 

11. I Want To Be A Real Cowboy Girl 

12. Bewley Mills Flour Commercial #2 (Dialogue) 

13. WBAP Announcer, Chuck Wagon Gang's Next Song #2 (Dialogue) 

14. All God's Children Gonna Rise And Shine 

15. Love Is The Key

16. I've Changed My Mind 

17. WBAP Announcer Dinner Bell Chime (Dialogue)

18. Dad Carter's Thought for the Day (Dialogue) 

19. Bewley Mills Jingle #2 (Dialogue) 

20. When The Sun Sets Over Jordan 

21. I've Just Seen the Rock of Ages

Release Date: August 13, 2021