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Songs about praising the Lord and preaching the Good News, as well as remembering what God has done and can do when we get back to the basics.

Song Titles:

That Would Be Amazing

Somebody Is Me

I’d Like To Tell It Again

Beat Up Bible

Lord I Need You To Show Up

Testimony Time

Jesus Have Mercy On Me

Beautiful Shining Happy Golden Shore

The Blood Remains

Just What I Needed

Beautiful Valley


Release Date: August 24, 2018.


DOWN EAST BOYS - One Day In The Past

After more than 30 years of ministry, the Down East Boys present their newest album, “One Day In The Past.” With songs about praising the Lord and preaching the good news, “One Day In The Past” reminds followers of Christ to get back to basics. Remember what God has done and can do for you, give Him glory and tell others His story.

The message is built on tradition, a theme that the Down East Boys carry throughout the songs on the album. “Beat Up Bible,” the first single, is a rich, heartfelt rendition of the popular song from Little Big Town. The song paints a picture of a “worn out and torn up” book used by generations to teach the value of prayer and unwavering trust in God. “Testimony Time,” an upbeat tune written by Sandy Knight, tells of people being unafraid to tell what God has done for them. As the song says, “Come gather round and spread the news. Tell what the Lord has done for you and let the whole world know that God is good.” The album closes with “Beautiful Valley,” a brand new recording of the Down East Boys’ chart-topping song from 1989 that has all the elements of a great Gospel song with a classic sound that brings notes of faith and perseverance.

Today’s Down East Boys boast the talents of Ricky Carden, Daryl Paschal, Doug Pittman and Zac Barham. Together, their voices make up some of the finest, fan-favorite quartet music in today’s Southern Gospel. “One Day In The Valley” is an album that carries on the Down East Boys’ ministry with honesty and passion for the Lord.

(Adapted from Provided Material)