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“Watch & See” from the Erwins is another sterling collection of songs from this celebrated sibling group. While the Erwins started singing as soon as they were each able to talk, their musical skills have continued to develop over the years. Keith, Kody, Kris and Katie possess that rare family harmony that blends seemingly-effortlessly in each of their songs.

On this album, the Erwins have songs from some of today’s top songwriters. The title song, “Watch And See,” features the talents of writers Jason Cox, Kris Erwin and Kenna West, while “A Million Storms” is a new song from Lee Black, Dixie Phillips and Sue C. Smith. “In The House Of The Lord” by Jeff Bumgardner, Wayne Haun and Joel Lindsay proves that these instantly recognizable writers in Southern Gospel music can provide deep messages alongside entertaining music.

Keith Erwin says, “Singing is all we know and all we want to do. It's our life and our joy to serve the Lord with the voices He has given us. We will gladly go through any door He chooses to open, no matter how big or small. We know the Lord doesn't need us, but He chooses to use us, and for that we are thankful.” It’s with that determination and focus that the Erwins are blazing new trails in Southern Gospel. They show that the future of Southern Gospel music is secure with a young group like the Erwins coming on the scene, releasing recordings like “Watch & See.”

Song Titles:

Watch and See

The Right Thing To Do

The Power Of An Empty Tomb

Like I’m On The Shore

Hallelujahs Never End

Glorious Amazing God

After The Storm

A Million Storms

In The House Of the Lord

Release Date: August 2018