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With Biblically backed lyrics and traditional arrangements, the Inspirations stay true to the foundations of quartet music that have led to their success for more than 50 years.

Song Titles:

He’s Coming Again

There’ll Never Be A Giant

Lord I Want To Be A Blessing

Wouldn’t Change The End

She Gets Another Prayer Through Again

His Hand Reached Further Down

Obey The Spirit Of The Lord

That’s Right Where He’ll Be

The End Of Time Is Near

Judas Kissed The Door


Release Date: April 26, 2019.


INSPIRATIONS - Right Where He Is

Carrying on their long ministry, The Inspirations are returning with “Right Where He Is,” a collection of Gospel music that tells of the many places Christ can be found in everyday life.

Archie Watkins, the group’s tenor vocalist, says, “Picking the right songs is one of the hardest things about being an artist. We literally go through hundreds of songs to get to the 10 or so that are on an album. We feel this album has the strongest lineup of songs we’ve had in a long time. Each one has a great message."

“Right Where He Is” starts with “He’s Coming Again,” a song about the resurrection story that sets the scene of amazement at the power of Christ and the joyful anticipation of His return. The album continues with a mix of tales about personal experiences with God and retellings of Bible stories illustrating His ability to guide people through valleys and over mountains.

“That’s Right Where He’ll Be,” the first single to radio and the song that inspired the album title, is upbeat and joyful. Nothing will stop God from helping those in need. “Where there’s a life in need of changing, that’s right where He’ll be,” say the lyrics, written by Rebecca Peck.

“There’ll Never Be A Giant” is the David and Goliath story, reminding anything is possible with God. The album closes with “Judas Kissed The Door,” written by Sandy Knight, who’s penned some of Southern Gospel’s biggest hits.

With Biblically backed lyrics and traditional arrangements, The Inspirations stay true to the foundations of quartet music that have led to success for more than fifty years. “Right Where He Is” is cohesive from start to finish, delivering what fans of the group have come to expect.

"We want to thank all the writers who sent us so many wonderful songs," says Watkins. "We are very excited for everyone to hear this album.”

(Adapted from Provided Material)