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Jason Crabb / Good Morning Mercy CD

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This collection is filled with songs that aim to uplift and encourage our journey with Christ, showcasing Crabb’s unique blend of musical styles while showcasing his power-packed, convicting vocals.

The album offers a diverse selection of tracks, with “Good Morning Mercy” taking the lead, reminding the listener about God’s grace and redemption, “God Can Use A Broken Man,” “That’s Why I Live This Way,” “Its Gonna Rain,” and “When I Say Amen” (featuring Rachel Wammack), among others. Together, these songs create a captivating tapestry of hope, resilience and inspiration that defines the album’s essence.

“This project is truly a labor of love and a testament of faith. Each song on it is a story – stories about hope, healing, and the incredible mercy that we’re blessed with every day. I poured my heart and soul into this, drawing from my own walk with God with the prayer that it would make a difference. I’m grateful for the way the Lord has moved in my life and that he allows me to do what I do. Every step of this journey, I’ve felt God’s hand upon it, shaping these songs into messages of faith and encouragement. For me, it’s all about sharing God’s love through my music, and I’m so thankful that He has given me this opportunity to do just that once again with this new collection of songs.”

Track List

Good Morning Mercy

It's Gonna Rain

God Can Use a Broken Man


Grace Is Still Amazing

Do It For You

That's Why I Live This Way

Hallelujah Story

Bring It All

Free At Last

When I Say Amen (feat. Rachel Wammack)

Good Morning Mercy (feat. Dylan Scott)

Released: November 17, 2023