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Kim Hopper / I Just Wanted You To Know CD

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Kim Hopper has one of Southern Gospel’s most dynamic and recognizable voices.

This debut solo Canaan release showcases her versatility on songs such as The Woman In My Little Girl’s Room, a parental reflection of children that seem to grow up far too soon and Gospel To The World, a profound church anthem from the pen of Paula Stefanovich. Paula is also well known for her two other successful Hopper hits, "Jerusalem" and "Yahweh".

Kim’s exceptional talent is paired with a unique ability to connect with her listeners on the most personal and heartfelt level. Each song is a testimony where Kim shares those things she most wants you to know about God’s love, faithfulness, and forgiveness… a truly beautiful instrument telling the most beautiful story of all time.

Track List

When God Sings

The Promised Land

Gospel to the World

What Will I Wear

Well Done, Well Done

The Woman In My Little Girl's Room

The Devil Lost His Keys

That Sounds Like Heaven To Me

Come Out Praising

I Just Wanted You To Know

Released August 12, 2008