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Bringing their signature sound to a collection of songs from some of today’s best writers, “Victory Shout” shares encouragement for the journey to Heaven.

Song Titles:

Running To Win

Just Climb

I’ve Ever Been Glad

Victory Shout

Dear John

It Still Changes Me

King Of Kings

Prodigal Son

You’ll Move Mountains For Me

That’s Where You’ll Find Me


Release Date: June 7, 2019.


KINGSMEN - Victory Shout

The Kingsmen are bringing their iconic sound to a collection of songs from some of today’s best writers on “Victory Shout,” which shares messages for daily life about being faithful in the journey to Heaven.

“Victory Shout,” the album’s title track and first single, reminds that with steadfast belief in God, our needs will be met in His timing. This song is moving quickly up the national charts with a message of hope, encouragement and triumph for Christians. Tenor Chris Jenkins sings, “Can you feel it, the song that is rising? Then you can't help but let it out. If you're trusting in faith, even now while you wait, lift up a victory shout.”

The album continues with Biblical stories in the upbeat “Dear John,” about John the Revelator featuring lead singer Chris Bryant. It also includes a re-recording of “Prodigal Son,” a Kingsmen classic written by Larry Gatlin of the Gatlin Brothers' fame that tells the traditional story of returning home and the power of forgiveness. “King Of Kings,” paints a picture of the grandeur of Christ through His time on Earth. Other songs include the moving “It Still Changes Me” about how the Bible’s message continues to have an impact even as life evolves and “You’ll Move Mountains For Me,” a song about trusting that God will always go above and beyond.

The album closes with “That’s Where You’ll Find Me,” a power ballad featuring Bryant describing the meeting place at Christ’s throne in Heaven. With these songs of worship and praise, The Kingsmen are continuing their far-reaching ministry and legacy. Bryant says, “I am so excited about this new recording, ‘Victory Shout!’ From start to finish it brings the classic Kingsmen sound to a collection of brand new songs written by some of today’s best writers. These songs will bring messages of hope and encouragement to listeners while keeping us all looking forward to what God is going to do! I am honored to be a part of this album and cannot wait to share it with everyone.”

(Adapted from Provided Material)