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The rich quartet harmony of Matt Fouch, Bryan Walker, Scott Fowler, Lee Black and Josh Townsend is masterfully woven into pure Southern Gospel.

Song Titles:

What A Day

What Kind Of Man

That’s What Makes Believers Believe

Love Pure Love

I Believe The Book

The Greatest Wonder

Beggin’ For Change

Love Always Finds A Way

Middle Man

Not Just Another Day

Only Passing Through


Release Date: August 23, 2019.



Legacy Five has earned a wide and dedicated following in Southern Gospel music since its debut almost twenty years ago. Their acclaim is built around the group’s excellent musicianship, powerful songs, and Christ-centered lyrics. Legacy Five’s newest album, “Pure Love,” retains all the hallmarks of the group’s sound, while pushing the envelope to broaden their music and include their two newest members, Lee Black and Bryan Walker.

Scott Fowler of the group says, “The word that I’m hearing from people that have listened to this [is] that it is a very fresh-sounding CD. Nothing that runs anyone off, nothing that scares anybody, but just a fresh, new sound. I’m loving that, and I think the two new guys, of course, bring a fresh new sound to it just by having their vocals on it as well. You never know how people are going to warm up to the changes that you have in a group with new members, but so far it’s been a flawless and seamless transition.”

Each of the eleven songs brings something unique to the album. The first single released to radio from the album is “What Kind Of Man,” by Kenna West, Jason Cox, & Sue Smith. Matt Fouch of the group says, “The song that really has stuck out to me so far is ‘What Kind Of Man.’ There are just songs that come along periodically that make you just stop what you’re doing and just bow your head and pray. This is that type of a song to me. I really believe that when folks listen to what the song is saying, it’s going to hit them right in the heart, right where God is going to speak to them.”

Since the group’s debut in January of 2000 in Atlanta, Georgia, Legacy Five has had several changes in membership, but always retains its smooth four and five-part harmony. Today’s group features lead Scott Fowler, bass Matt Fouch, baritone Bryan Walker, tenor Lee Black and the group’s pianist, Josh Townsend. Together, Legacy Five performs around 130 concerts each year, delighting listeners with their vocal blend and the strength of their songs’ lyrics. Join Legacy Five for a new but familiar sound with their new members on “Pure Love.”

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