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Pastor Benny Tate / Unlimited: Experiencing the Fullness of God's Power in Your Life Book

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Why limit the only power that’s capable of doing far and above all that we could ever think or imagine?

After reading this book, you will have the tools you need to navigate life with the Holy Spirit in the way that God always intended for you to have.

In 2016, when Benny Tate decided to preach a sermon series on the Holy Spirit, He believed the Holy Spirit would come and bring great change. But He didn’t expect Him to change everything in his life as well and in the lives of his church staff and congregation!

In Unlimited, Tate helps readers discover a deeper understanding of the Holy Spirit and realize His importance in their daily lives. Focusing on our need of the Holy Spirit, as well as His presence, power, and role in equipping us to fulfill our purpose, this book will help readers grow and better relate to the third person of the Trinity.

Providing real-life, practical applications and examples, Tate shows readers that when they allow the Holy Spirit to fill and direct their lives, everything will change: relationships will be healed, self-esteem will be lifted, purpose will be revealed, direction will become clear, hope will overflow, peace will reign in their hearts, and God’s goodness and faithfulness in their lives will be undeniable!

Being filled daily by the Holy Spirit is the only satisfying source in life. The hardships and disappointments will drain us, but the Holy Spirit’s power is available to us every day because His power and presence are unlimited!