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Old Paths / Music To Your Ears CD

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In challenging times, there’s much to be said for clinging to tradition — yet there is also a need to move forward, finding new ways to express the Gospel’s unchanging message of deliverance. For many artists, one or the other becomes paramount. To The Old Paths, though, there’s no need to choose; masters of traditional Southern Gospel sounds, they have proven themselves equally sure-footed in delivering the flair of con- temporary sounds from other realms of Christian music.

With two already released singles — the country-flavored radio hit, “How Good The Good News Feels” and contemporary fan favorite, “Every Story Whispers His Name” — that have outlined contrasting corners of the quartet’s stylistic range, it’s a collection that rounds out the portrait of a musical ministry that can speak to everyone. And with a new single — an inspired reworking of David Crowder’s “Good God Almighty” that features tenor Steve Ladd — coming as they head toward the album’s release date, it’s also a convincing demonstration that, no matter where a song originates, The Old Paths will always put their unique stamp on it.

Music To Your Ears invites the listener to approach every one of its selections with fresh ears. There are classic old numbers like “This Little Light Of Mine,” fresh takes on “Over The Next Hill We’ll Be Home” (Johnny Cash), “Is He Worthy” (Chris Tomlin) and “That’s Why I Pray” (Big & Rich), and a sparkling array of new songs from well-known Southern Gospel writers like Kenna Turner West and Joseph Habedank. From the charmingly sparse opening of “Let The Rain Wash Your Troubles Away,” which features bass singer Daniel Ashmore, to the string-driven title track, led by founding member Tim Rackley, and the soulful “He Bought Me,” which features fellow founding member and baritone, Douglas Roark — and even to “This Little Light,” which features each member in turn — every song is given a treatment that allows The Old Paths’ detailed artistry to shine, and always in service of their devoted faith.

Track List

How Good The Good News Feels

Let The Rain Wash Your Troubles Away

I Get That From Him

This Little Light Of Mine

Every Story Whispers His Name

Good God Almighty

He Bought Me

Music To Your Ears

Over The Next Hill We’ll Be Home

That’s Why I Pray

Who Better Than Me

Is He Worthy

Release Date: March 18, 2022