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Hilarious, family-friendly humor from this award-winning musician and national storyteller.

Song Titles:


Living In A Coffee World (Live Version)


Black Belt to Black Eye / Anti-Bullying Talk

Goodbye Blues

What Happened To Tomatoes

Choose Happy

Some Assembly Required

Living In A Coffee World (Studio Version)

Introduction to “Composer Of My Life”

Composer Of My Life


Release Date: September 29, 2017.


TIM LOVELACE - Living In A Coffee World

Tim Lovelace brings his many talents to the forefront with his new CD and DVD, "Living In A Coffee World." The project showcases Lovelace's comedy, musicianship, award-winning songwriting talent and his motivational speaking skills, which provide great entertainment for the whole family. Recorded at a live performance at Lee University in Tennessee, the project gives the listener a front row seat to the comedian's unique brand of humor that has kept people around the world laughing and inspired for three decades.

Tim shares his enthusiasm about the project, saying "I'm overjoyed to have completed my first project with Stowtown Records. They have given me an abundance of creative freedom. I can be my zany self, play different instruments and still share my heart. I hope this project brings laughter to many. I think we can all agree, now more than ever, that we need joy in our lives."

"Living In A Coffee World" features eleven new musical comedy songs/routines, including the title track, which delivers a humorous look at our coffee addictions by sharing what happens when Tim drinks a "freight train espresso." Other highlights are "What Happened To Tomatoes," which spotlights how the flavor of the garden tomato has turned into wet cardboard and "Some Assembly Required," which has parents up all night on Christmas Eve trying to decipher an instruction booklet. The lively "Mercurochrome" tells about how the burning medicine used to be a cure-all for youngsters.

The humorous "Black Belt To Black Eye/Anti-Bullying Talk" has a serious underlying message from Lovelace who, as a youngster, was the victim of bullying. The audience might be laughing, but the message hits home on what the impact can be for a young person facing this abuse. Even though Lovelace has achieved great success throughout his career, hosting The Music City Show, performing with such high-profile acts as the Oak Ridge Boys and appearing on the stage of such iconic venues as the Ryman Auditorium, the scars from bullying never completely go away. As a result, Lovelace hopes to bring this problem to the forefront and expand his role as a spokesman for this topic throughout his career.

Join this multi-talented comedian, musician, motivational speaker and award-winning songwriter for all the laughs and meaningful messages of Tim Lovelace's "Living In A Coffee World."

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