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Versatile family group with songs focused on God and Who He is.

Song Titles:

I Am Here To Praise The Lord

How About You

Believe For Me

There Is

Homesick Heart

He Will Be God

I’d Walk Through The Valley Again

The Final Word

I Don’t Fear Forever

Sweet Things Out Of Dark Places

A New Beginning

The Cross Still Stands


Released in 2019.


WHISNANTS - He Will Be God

The Whisnants have a long and storied past in Southern Gospel music, dating all the way back to the singing debut of the John Whisnant Family in 1970. While the group’s roster and sound have changed over the years, their dedication to performing the best that Southern Gospel music offers continues to delight audiences year after year. Today’s group includes baritone Jeff Whisnant, alto Susan Whisnant, lead Aaron Hise and vocalists Austin and Ethan Whisnant, who are also known to perform on their own. Together, these singers have worked to put together a recording of musical ministry that lives up to their legacy with their new album, “He Will Be God.”

Produced by Trey Ivey, the album features twelve songs drawn from some of today’s top writers. After kicking off the album with “I Am Here To Praise The Lord,” other great songs from top writers include “I Don’t Fear Forever” by Chris Allman and Matthew Lawson, “Sweet Things Out Of Dark Places” by Kyla Rowland, and the title song, Rachel McCutcheon’s “He Will Be God.” The triumphant “The Cross Still Stands” from Joseph Habedank, Kenna West and Tony Wood closes out the album on a high note with its inspiring message.

Jeff Whisnant says, “I have asked God to allow us to be the very best that we can be so that He can use this ministry to touch people's lives. He has done that!” As their website notes, “the achievements The Whisnants have acquired over the years are a testimony to the blessings God has placed on their ministry and they seek to use them to bring glory to their Lord in every concert.” Join the Whisnants as they bring glory to God with their newest album, “He Will Be God.”

(Adapted from Provided Material)